Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tepian Gelanggang Paroi- Court BAsketball dan Takraw.

Basketball and takraw are the 2 main sports that I love. I like takraw for the acrobatics. While basketball because it's the only game I'm good at. We have the courts for these sports at Kompleks Sukan Tepian Gelanggang, Paroi Negeri Sembilan. The thing is, we have to PAY to use it.

Yup! It has been verified! According to our local source, they have to pay RM5 perhour to use the newly renovated basketball court since it's finished it's 'renovation works' last March. Takraw players, who has been playing there even since before those, enforcing the stupid rule were employed as the caretaker there, voiced their frustration by smoking cigarettes at one of the corner of the court, after each game.

"Memanglah court ni dah cantik, dah lawa, dah wangi lepas renovation haritu, tapi takkan kita kena bayar pulak bila nak guna? Benda ni outdoor, maaa! Bukan ni public facitlity, ke?" roared the local abang when our reporter tried to get our basketball ball back after we accidentally thrown it out to their takraw court.

We failed to get through to the authorities and was put on hold each time we tried to reach to the person in charge. 2 of our reporters complained of severe headache for being exposed too long to the on hold songs. They are now recovering. We suspect there's some kind a syndicate or fishes going on behind these complaints over the new management.


But due to insufficient funds and death threats, we have decided to stop this article here. Thank you for your time.