Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The rise of the Eastern Righteous Ones.

Kepada yang dah tahu pasal movie Crow Zero, pasti suka dengan post ni. Gua cuma suka sebab ia simbolik dan selari dengan mesej yang gua patut sampaikan, buat masa ini. Apapun, kita teruskan. Bermula dengan meneliti gambar-gambar di bawah:
Dewa-dewa Jepun

Gua malas nak cerita apa yang gua dapat, cuma gua nak sampaikan mesej ini kepada MEREKA: You are ready to break free and rise up. Question is, for whom?

"A word to my friends, who are living on the wild side.
What does it mean to live as yourself?
Breaking free from the shell that holds you?
With every season,
Comes new self-discovery"

Ore wa kawaritai kawari tsuzuketai

Just focus on the song's meaning and feel between minutes 13 to 16.
If you're it, you gonna FEEL it. Takyah explain.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The science of Love

Everybody claim to feel it.
But have you ever thought about that feeling?
Where does it come from?

This is just a theory I made up based on the theories
of how human brain, consciousness and heart work. I'm not a brain surgeon doing my psychology paper nor am I a writer trying to tie up loose ends left by science, in order to make MY ends meet. I am just a guy. Who's hooked on youtube
Anyway, it's about LOVE.

You see, in human consciousness, we feel both in the brain and in our hearts.
For example, whenever you see a person who fulfil your certain requirements of what you logically perceive as beauty or perfection, you automatically generate a feeling of love towards that person. This is what we call the brain-love. Other examples of brain-love is working relations, society or patriotism. And we can turn it on or off.

There's another type of love called the unconditional love. When a mother just delivered a baby, and when the baby is placed on her heart to teach them to suckle, the sight of that baby to the mother, invoke what we call as unconditional love. Now this knowledge is not new. It has been going for a while and leaders of huge active groups are usually well-versed in manipulating this kind of love. But the important thing is, this type of love exist.

So, if you think you're in love or start moving into that next phase in your love-relationship, ask that person this question:
"Do you love a person from your brain, or from your heart?"

A Study of Love an Origin of LOVE

We WILL find people who can 'feel' or don't 'feel'. This study will now focus more on those who felt it. Depending on where your feeling lies, you should know how to react based on the theory given above. And from there, you could easily map-out plans on how to react or bring your relationship course closer to the course of your mutual dream

A survey was done on 100 female students from universities randomly selected to gauge the gravity of these hypothesis. Female student was selected based on the finding from another survey that suggest women could 'feel love' more easily than men. This is to increase the chance of getting a 'feel of love', a requirement to proceed to next question.

Out of those participated in the survey, those who Feel is 55% and Don't feel is 45%. Out of those who felt it; 45%  claim to feel it from the heart, another 45% from the brain while an intriguing 10% claimed to feel it at both.

And out of those 10%, all of them claimed to have felt it in the middle of the chest. This baffled our scientist until we later learned that if we put a point in the brain and another point in the heart we could have a straight line. Divide that line according to the Golden Mean Ration 1.618399 and we'll see that that point of separation coincides with the middle of the chest.

This finding, amusingly coincides with myriads of other theories and laws in the Sacred Geometry cult which tells human about the origin of LOVE.

Which explains why some of us are

It makes fucking sense now, doesn't it? Eh?

Monday, December 10, 2012

I know too.

Frank Sinatra by Cake

We know of an ancient radiation 
That haunts dismembered constellations
We know about jins, angels, the so-called 'aliens'. We ARE alone in this universe. But we certainly not alone in this world. There are no extra-terrestrials beings. There are only beings from other dimensions.

A faintly glimmering radio station 
...and they are all agitated. The End is near. Hehehe...

While Frank Sinatra sings "Stormy Weather" 
The flies and spiders get along together 
Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record
And while time and space slowly verge into the natural half-cycle vortex of chaos,
While mankind consumed by the joys of pleasures, the walls between realms are slowly diminishing.
Even natural enemies will have to get along to face the self-destructing nature of slef-knowledge.

(take a breather)

Beyond the suns that guard this roof
Beyond your understanding that you think helped you survived,

Beyond your flowers of flaming truth 
Beyond your knowledge of Tree and Flower of Life,

Beyond your latest ad campaigns
And beyond your inventions in mind-control,

An old man sits collecting stamps 
In a room all filled with Chinese lamps 
He saves what others throw away 
He says that he'll be rich someday 
Most throw away what they know not of its value,
Yet someone who had the wisdom and knew,
Collects it for the worldly pleasure.
And what a fitting ending for such.

We know of an ancient radiation 

That haunts dismembered constellations 
A faintly glimmering radio station 
We know of an ancient radiation 
That haunts dismembered constellations 
A faintly glimmering radio station

While Frank Sinatra sings "Stormy Weather" 
The flies and spiders get along together 
Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twitter trend-stter


With the boom of social media application like Facebook and Twitter, plus the ease of uploading and storing new materials on the net, added with the need of effective communication, we have come a long way in exploring, understanding, experimenting, learning, and developing techniques in influencing and at times CREATE a trend. It's a fun and crazy tale at first, and becomes grim towards the end.

Trend is a very powerful concept. Much like electricity where the impact of the voltage alone does not gives a circuit power, but when that magnitude moves with a current, we got watts. In the same analogy, a trend is crucial in communication where humanity has come to a point in human civilization where human talk endlessly, especially with the boom of social media sites and the competition in the electronic gadget industry which make a 9 year-old kindergarten kid seemed to have the 'telepathic power' as per saints in old times.

As our journey in uncovering the secrets in influencing AND creating trends, we accidentally stumbled upon ancient art where one can influence trends not by the means of the material world,

..but through dreams.

Watchout for #ZineSkizo issue #Tu7uh  

Black Light Burns - "Lie" I Am

I like this song so much, I post it in my blog:

I'm living a lie
And it's not the best thing for me
But anyone and everyone is gonna hear another story
I'm building a house
Of murderous intention
To keep it all from coming down
I've gotta focus my attention
'cause confidence is key
When violating trust
I'm making sure that I believe
I'm doing what I must
Which is attempting to kill
The little boy inside
But as hard as I try...
The child will not die

Now I'm burning alive, just like you

I'm irrelevant
And I'm living down in the shit
I follow these pigs around
But I never get used to it
'cause they keep building and building
Their feculent franchise
I wish I could see this filth
Through someone else's eyes
'cause ignorance was bliss
But now I must adjust
These animals, they operate
On jealousy and lust
I'm taking back what was lost
And I will not be denied
I'm crawling my way to the surface outside

Now I'm burning alive, just like you

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hantu Di KYPM Kuantan, Pahang 2

Malam tu, kali terakhir gua check jam ialah pukul 1030malam. Tah kenapa malam tu gua mengantuk gila babi. Gua pikir, besok pun Isnin, kerja pun dah setel, takde salah kalau gua membuta awal. Gua pun ke bilik air untuk cuci muka dan gosok gigi macam budak-budak kolej yang skema.

Sebaik gua sampai ke bilik dari bilik air, gua baru nak masuk bilik. Masa gua tengah berdiri depan pintu bilik sebab tengah juggling baldi kecik berisi toiletris antara tangan yang nak memulas tombol pintu, belakang tengkuk gua terasa macam ada hembusan angin lembut. Gua tak saspek apa-apa lagi. Gua buat cam biasa.

Lebih kurang pukul sebelas malam, time gua tengah mamai-mamai nak tido, pintu bilik gua diketuk. Kalau ketuk pempelan, takpe. Ni ketuk dengan kasar dan macam ada kecemasan. Gua takdelah menggelabah nak cepat bukak, tapi masa gua tengah kelam kabut betulkan ikatan kain sarung nak bukak pintu, bunyi ketukan tadi berhenti. Pastu gua cam terdengar bunyi macam orang ketawa di luar bilik. Babi. Gua saspek mesti bebudak ni saja mengacau gua. Gua lekk. Gua dah dekat dengan pintu bilik. Gua pun bukak. Tapi takde orang.

Gua takde syak apa-apa sebab dalam kepala masa tu, cuma ingat nak tido jer. Gua tutup pintu dan kembali ke katil. Masa gua tengah baring atas katil tu, kepalahotak gua terpikir-pikir sama ada gua dah kunci atau tidak pintu bilik tadi. Gua rasa cam malas nak bangun dan terus melelapkan mata dengan enaknya.

Tak lama lepas tu, gua terjaga. Walaupun terjaga, gua masih dalam posisi memeluk bantal macam masa gua mula-mula tidor tadi. Gua cuma bukak mata jer. Dan dalam mamai-mamai tu, gua terdengar macam bunyi pintu bilik gua dibuka perlahan-lahan. Bunyi kriuk engsel pintu yang selama ni mikro pada pendengaran, tetiba berbunyi amat bingit. Gua yang tengah meniarap atas katil, dengan bontot mengadap arah pintu, tetiba terasa desiran angin sejuk, menyelubungi bilik. Gua mencarut-carut dalam hati sebab taknak dabelcheck kunci pintu sebelum tido tadi. Tetiba gua mula terasa macam aura ada orang belakang gua. Dekaaaaaat betul. Gua pejam mata. Gua bawak mengucap. Tapi ucapan gua hilang fokus sebab perasaan keauraan yang gua rasa kat belakang gua tadi, kini bertukar menjadi uadara hembusan yang memang gua komfem ditiup perlahan-lahan ke tengkuk gua yang sedang meniarap atas katil masa tu...

Gua pejamkan mata. Time-time tu lah gua terbayang muka senior petang tadi yang bercerita pasal kejadian di bilik sebelah. Gua mula teringat kisah pertemuan gua dengan 'jiran' gua minggu lepas. Dan sekarang, gua sedang alami apa yang'senior hantu' tu cerita kat gua. Patutkah gua berpaling? Sebab dalam cerita dia tu, aura yang dia rasa tu cuma mainan perasaannya saja? Atau, patutkah gua pura-pura tidur dan biarkan apa saja kat belakang gua ni bla sebab gua memang komfem gua rasa macam ada orang hembus belakang tengkuk gua, tadi? Patutkah gua azan tiba-tiba dan berlari ke arah pintu dengan sekuat hati?

Eh? Ada tangan kat bahu gua? Gua ushar. Tangan itu berlumuran darah. Dan ia bergerak perlahan-lahan nak mencengkam leher gua. Gua ingat gua nak mula azan masa tu. Lepas tu semua jadi gelap.

Tiba-tiba, gua rasa bahu gua ditepuk. Gua baru nak masuk verse kedua azan bila muka gua disapu dengan air. Barulah perspektif gua pulih. Barulah gua perasan yang gua sedang dikelilingi oleh teman-teman seasrama, sambil Ustaz Rosdi, ketua warden duduk menyangkung depan gua. Dialah yang sapu air kat muka gua tadi. Gua rasa tak sedap hati. Member-member mula menghujani gua dengan soalan. Gua tetiba rasa malas. Gua pun sambung pengsan.

Ambik masa jugak trauma bayangan-bayangan wajah senior dari bilik sebelah, tangan yang berlumuran darah dan perasaan takut dan panik yang gua alami pada malam Isnin tu untuk hilang. Tak lama lepas tu, gua pindah bilik. Gua masuk bilik baru. Kalini ada roommate. Dan gua agak komfiden bahawa hantu takkan kacau jenis set-set camni.

Yang gua risau ialah mereka yang mengacau gua. Awwwwww.


Hantu Di KYPM Kuantan, Pahang

(Untuk lebih effect, sila playkan audio kat youtube bawah ni sambil baca cerita. Enjoy)

Cerita ni berlaku masa gua kat Kuantan dulu. Senior dari bilik sebelah yang cerita masa gua baru dua hari masuk KYPM program AAD. Senior tu citer, dia dok sorang. Dulu dia ada roommate. Tapi roommate dia mati.

Ceritanya, satu malam roommate dia nak keluar dating dengan awek bisnes. Awek-awek yang ambik bisnes mesti ranggi-ranggi, kata senior tu pada gua. Gua angguk. Roommate dia memang biasa keluar dating memalam. Dia balik biasa pukul 11. Tapi malam tu, yang balik ke bilik, lain macam sikit 'raut' wajahnyew.

 Mulanya senior kita ni tak kesah. Dia selamber rolling atas katil membelakangi mamat tu td sebab masa tu, dia dah nak tido dah...Masa senior kita ni ngadap dinding bilik, dia terasa 'aura' macam ada orang dekaaaaaaaat dengan dia... Dia pejam mata... Gua pun pejam sekali. Lagi dia pejam, lagi 'terasa' aura desingan lembut kat belakangnya. Sekali sekala, macam terasa ada bayu halus yang lalu di leher...Gua garu leher gua. Senior kita dah takbley tahan. Bulu roma di tangan dan paha mula terasa berdiri. Senior kita ni memberanikan diri. Dia kira satu, dua, tiii...

Dia berpaling dan melihat roommate dia berdiri tak berbaju di tepi katilnya. Terperanjat mamat tu sebab senior kita tadi pusing tetiba. Roommate dia ketawakan dia. Tapi senior kita tak puas ati. Malam tu diorang tido dan takde apa-apa yang berlaku. Sampailah pagi tu.Pagi tu pun taklah pagi. Pukul 330pagi. Senior kita ni tadi terjaga sebab ada orang menggegar badannya. Roommatenya rupanya. Apahal ni?Roommatenya yang tadi kejut dia, tetiba senyap dan berdiri. Bilik dah la gelap sebab tutup lampu tido tadi. Senior kita pun nak bangun, nak tanya apahalnya pada mamat tu. Baru dia perasan yang ada benda mengalir dari dadanya. Siap ada benda tercacak, lagi. Baru dia terbau bau hanyir. Dan baru dia perasan yang dadanya ditikam. Dan mamat roommate yang tadi berdiri, sedang ketawa depannya. Gua saspen...

Dia kata dia cabut pisau dari dadanya dan menikam mamat roommatenya pulak. Mereka bergelut dan roommatenya kalah sebab telah hilang banyak darah.(By this time, gua dah pegang gayung yang gua sembunyikan di tepi katil. Manalah tau. Senior tu tak perasan dari sudut di mana dia duduk) Senior tu kata lagi, walaupun roommatenya dah mati, dia tetap tikam 2-3 kali jugak, just to make sure. By this time,gua dah tak berani nak tentang mata dia.

Senior tu berenti cerita kat situ. Gua senyap. Dia senyum. Lepas tu dia bla dari bilik gua. Gua garu kepala...

Lepas pertemuan tetiba dengan jiran gua tu, gua lekk jer. Seminggu jugaklah. Sampailah masa gua outing ke Kuantan. Untuk sesapa yang pernah dok kat asrama time kolej akan tau yang kita tak berapa nak ambik tau pasal orang bilik sebelah, lagi-lagi kalau dia senior. Sama. Gua pun tak berapa nak foloap dengan senior kat bilik sebelah tu. Yang gua tau, biliknya manjang bertutup. Oh yer. Gua outing.

Masa gua outing, gua lepak lunch dengan sorang senior satu course. Dia yang tanya nombor bilik gua. Haaa.Ye. Seperti cerita hantu tipikel yang lain, dia cerita yang bilik sebelah tu KOSONG. Gua tak bagitau lagi cerita gua. Gua lekkk. Dia cerita yang bilik tu dulu terjadi kejadian bunuh. Sorang ditikam berkali-kali, dan sorang lagi bunuh diri. Motif pembunuhan masih disiasat. Gua telan kering mee goreng gua. Senior gua cerita camacam lagilaa pada gua pasal asal usul bilik sebelah. Gua senyaaap. Sampai dia tanya gua takde kena apa-apa ke, pun gua geleng.

Malam tu, cerita hantu ni bermula...