Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Russian chicks hang-out in Malaysia?

I don't know what's all the fuzz with MindValley since everybody seems to be ushering me towards it. Even starting to think that this is some kind of a conspiracy trying to get me more hooked on the net. After months of preparation and push from friends, I managed to bring myself to the MindValley office in Bangsar.

Can they Walk the Talk? We'll see...

Managed to find the correct elevator to floor 23A and got to sit on the sofa of one of the world's most democratic workplace. I asked to take a little tour to see them creative minds at work but was refused. Asked to meet the Talent Manager but she was not around. So what's left for me was to ask for a proper namecard to show to friends that I've been there (I'd like to take pictures of their front desk but two suspicious looking blokes were around, so...)

From the sofa, I think MindValley office in Bangsar looks like a posh cybercafe with nice carpet and other furnitures you can find at IKEA Damansara. Besides the nice quotes they put in frames and hang on the walls, I could sense intense atmosphere radiating from the people I noticed there. Probably they were rushing towards an urgent dateline or something. I can't even take a peep at them two blokes earlier, fearing their webcams were spying on me.

Anyway, I got what I wanted and went to a nearby mamak to re-asses my plot. After discussing with lawyers and reps from SKMM, I decided to tweet something to @Vishen, the CEO of MindValley.

He replied as expected...

I sense some vibes in his reply. Went back to the Bat-lair and revised the whole drawing board and plot. After 3 days of seclusion and tweeting non-stop, akuskizo team finally agree to release this rare, never seen footage of what happen, in betweens....

May there be peace, in cyberspace!