Thursday, October 4, 2012

Schizophrenic Sick is out!

Finally, it's ready. Schizophrenic issue #6 is out! As promised last week, it is in zine-novel or novel-zine form. What ever you guys are calling it these days. Anyways...

128 pages of stories that will make you question your own sanity. A total of 20 listed stories, PLUS hidden stories, to spice up your reading experience.

Again, Schizophrenic zine encourages the spirit of DIY. It challenges you to do your own and I can teach you how. But first, buy this book for yourself and your friends.

Price: RM25 (plus postage)
Contact: FB, Twitter, or email to subject: (SKIZO SICK)

Nak Gila atau jadi Normal?

Ayat-ayat inilah, inspirasi kepada issue terbaru, zine ini
(dipetik dari Schizophrenic#5, 2002)

Rupa zine ni, DULU (issue 1,2,4 dan 5)
Rupa zine ni, SEKARANG (kombinesen issue 1,2,4 &5)

RM25 (including postage).
140 pages of articles, poetry, comics, sketches, rants
and NOTHING related to your underground scene.