Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Akuskizo: First time at it 2

(continued from here)

"Then why are you stopping him from advising me to do bad things?" I seemed to follow his story even though this whole thing is a bit out of place.

"This never happened before, you see. Me and him are made from opposing elements. When he's white, I'm black. When he's black, I'm white. So when he's bad, even though he was meant for good..."

"You become the opposite. I get it" The white one was already sitting. He was looking for something.

"Can I get an ashtray around here? You want me to burn your carpet?" I took an empty Coke bottle under my table and handed it to him. He stashed the butt, took the pack and lighted another one.

"Heavy smoker, huh? This is very weird, you know. Are there any other things that I need to know? On top of this?" Both of them just smoked their cigarette.

Skizo tak tengok ART ni?
"Not that we we know of. Anyway, you shouldn't feel bad about that girl leaving you. She's not worth the pain" said the black one.

"Yeah, well. HE'S not worth the pain, I tell you that. Look at him! He nearly commit a suicide for that girl. What a wuss!" commented the white one. I wanted to punch his face right there but the black one stopped me.

"I hate to admit it, but he got a point there, mann. It's time you go on with your life. I mean, what's the point of continuing with a girl who's not truly into you?" said the black one. I sat on a stool beside my bed.

"Besides, you got your friends" The black one was trying to comfort me.

"Friends? Huh! They don't care about you. The only thing that's on their minds is their little dick! Who the fuck wanna care bout you?" Now the white was starting to get on my nerve. I gazed at the bottle again.

"Just drink that shit and lets get it over with!" Then there was silence. The black one didn't respond. Maybe what ever coming from the white one was the truth. And it's horrible.

"Even your family don't givva shit about you! Come on mann! Life hasn't treat you good so what's the point of living?" The white one passed me the bottle. The black one gave a deep gaze outside the window. Even HE couldn't handle the truth about me. I took the bottle.

"Just remember man" said the black one slowly. "This ain't no joke, man. If you take a sip off that shit, man you're gonna regret it. I admit that life has not treated you good, but since when living is about taking? If you want something, work for it and if it doesn't work, that's not the end of everything. Just take those bad shits as smoething you will laugh about when you're old. Life is not what you assumed with this.." the black one pointed his finger on my forehead.

"..It's something that you feel with this.." then he points to my chest where heart supposed to be. Man, this guy is good.

"Aww..I'm crying here! You guys are fucking soft. Look at you! You believe that shit? Come on man, drink it!" The white one tried to shove the bottle back to me. The black one stopped him. I released the bottle. They fought over the bottle. I lighted a cigarette. This is a very tough situation for me. But those guys did make out some points. Suddenly the bottle fell. It crashed and the solution spilled all over the carpet. Strange odor starting to fill my room.

"Shit! There goes your chance to Yahoos. But then again, there's always pesticide. Fuck you, asshole! You devils are fucking jerk! Always up to my shit. Fuck it! I'm outta here!" The white one gave the black one the finger and faded. The black one tried to pick up the shattered pieces of the bottle.

"Thanks man, I couldn't have done it without you" I patted the black one's back. He gave out a warm purr.

"No man. You had done it yourself. Anyway, can I get a cig before I go? It's hard to get one back there in the headquarter" replied him.

"Sure-sure. So...is there any chance I will be seeing you guys again?" he looked deep into my eyes. Then he smiled.

"Sure. I'm afraid you will" then the black one faded. Sigh. That was the first time I realized that I suffer a major case of Schizophrenia. Hahahaha. Shitttt.


± said...

this is really kick-ass! luv it!

i have a fren who is diagnosed with schizo a few years back (and still not cured).he said, it's really hard sometime to differentiate between the bad and the good hallucinations.there's a time when a person with good image came but whispered bad things to him and vice versa. i think it's like the story u're telling above. but the good thing he got from suffering this mental illness is that he becomes more religious..and i think maybe...it's not so bad to have one.

btw, who's schizophrenic artwork is that?yeah,it looks disturbed! haha..aku suka

Unknown said...

aku curi dari google..aku minat dengan ART.

Aku plak perasan skizo. Dan memang Allah (melalui Islam) lah yg selamatkan aku..

± said...

jap jap..aku pulak yg konfius.kau penah suffer benda ni ke?sori soalan direct. aku ni lambat pick-up sket..heh

Unknown said...

takpe..aku pun dok pikir nak tanya soalan yang sama...

Nekmo said...

dlm art tu nmpk byk binatang..hehe

± said...

aku nampak monster

Nekmo said...

huhu..mata kita tak sama la..
ko mata berseni..(ewah..mcm ada design lak)
aku bukan budak seni..hehe...

± said...

eh,mana de berseni pun...sebenarnya mmg ada mcm2 jenis binatang,org pun ade.terpulang pada interpretasi masing2..kau ni nenek, nak komen pun malu2, xde salah atau betul pun kat sini...chill (:

Nekmo said...

ada org???mana??
aku nampak binantang je..huhu..
ane org?tunjukkan..