Thursday, October 28, 2010

To my lonely friends

Remember this song? This is the song that attracted me into underground.

I walk alone, I'm lonely
Why should we hear your problems? 
I sit at home, I'm crying
Don't wanna know, we don't care
My baby's gone, she left me
Suits you right boy, you now it
My world gone wrong, please help me
We have no time, no beat it! 

And everyday, we share our dreams
And everynight, we laugh at things
Now you don't care, now you don't feel
So many friends, now where they'll be? 
Now you tell me... 

My message to YOU (yeah YOU. You know who YOU are)
I CARE so don't turn your back on me!


± said...

lagu ni akan tetap diingati sbg trademark dunia UG m'sia...lately selalu play kat xfm

Kemm said...

I like!

Unknown said...

kemmm..aku, aku, cam tak dapat bayar laaaa