Wednesday, September 12, 2012



As you know, books are fast becoming obsolete. 
One day, it will become a thing of luxury.
Only rich people could afford to read REAL books.
And #BookMaggotz project is about accelerating that process.

For this, I'm looking for people who are into books and have a dream of seeing the book culture evolve from being academic or nerdish to 
fun, and cool.

You can support #BookMaggotz by start collecting 
unused books from people 
around you. 
Make a list and send the list to me.
Then we will feast on the books.

Every week, we plan to showcase the progress of this activity in small gatherings called:
People can then send the books they've gathered there.
And for this, 
we need help.

If you're still interested of becoming the pioneer team for this dream, do let me know.
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