Sunday, October 14, 2012


Ask a question on twitterjaya and you'll never get real answers. LOL

Tell us why you love Kuala Lumpur in 

 KL is awesome, not just KL. The whole Malaysia tough!
 masjid and night club is everywhere! Can get drunk and taubat later. LOL
 handsome guys, beautiful ladies, charming pondan's and tough gays!
 gadisgadis yg dressup ala alaa di europe. Tapi bila dgr dia ckp "berapoo riyaa nii abe?" Ciss.. Kelantan rupanya.
 i pay a lot of road tax & tolls to stuck in jam. Hoyeah!
 got hijabsters berbonggol alien vs. predators.
 there's Pavi, without Pavi, there's no Pavi kids, without Pavi kids, I can't make joke about their stupidity.. :)
 it was where I've been born, and where I am raised.. There's no place like home.. :)

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