Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twitter trend-stter


With the boom of social media application like Facebook and Twitter, plus the ease of uploading and storing new materials on the net, added with the need of effective communication, we have come a long way in exploring, understanding, experimenting, learning, and developing techniques in influencing and at times CREATE a trend. It's a fun and crazy tale at first, and becomes grim towards the end.

Trend is a very powerful concept. Much like electricity where the impact of the voltage alone does not gives a circuit power, but when that magnitude moves with a current, we got watts. In the same analogy, a trend is crucial in communication where humanity has come to a point in human civilization where human talk endlessly, especially with the boom of social media sites and the competition in the electronic gadget industry which make a 9 year-old kindergarten kid seemed to have the 'telepathic power' as per saints in old times.

As our journey in uncovering the secrets in influencing AND creating trends, we accidentally stumbled upon ancient art where one can influence trends not by the means of the material world,

..but through dreams.

Watchout for #ZineSkizo issue #Tu7uh  

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