Thursday, January 7, 2016

One last burn.

They say they listen,
They claim that they care.
Yet the truth is they only care for what they want from you.
They make you need them, depend on em, addicted to em.
Then they leave you to yourself,
Right where the demons are.

How many more times could one rebuild oneself? When each time the self is shattered in new ways uncomprehended. And the resulting reconstructed self, doesn't even look like a being with a soul, or a thing worth looking.

I have learnt my lessons of life,
And over with my journey of dreams.
Now to gather my bits and pieces in the dark, hoping the bulk will create a new spark, so I could light myself ablaze, for one last burn. they could warm themselves in the cold reality.

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Unknown said...

Semekom abg iwan.