Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interview with an asshole (serious questions)

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Some serious questions. What do you think about the current political status in this country?
That question is so boring. Can I pass?

OK. Strike one. What about the green-earth thingy? Or bioregionalism? What do you have to say about that?

I don't have to say anything.
Come on.

You see, this world is filled with people with sick agendas and most of these agendas are closely related to capitalism. On one hand you have these packs of yuppies polluting the world with their propylene snack wraps and party plastic mugs, and on the other hand, there are these band of hard-liners putting up big banners with earth-concerned lines or big air baloon made into a form of an elephant. Now this might sounds strange but I wonder sometimes, where the hell do those green peace suckers got their funding?

Maybe they sell shirts and stuff.
If they do that, then they had gotta sell alotta shirts to sponsor or buy those tugboats and to fund all those assemblies all over the world! Just think about that! Maybe all those green peace movements is just a big business masterplan.

What do you mean?
Yelahh..Just think about all those shirts made in the name of earth. in the name of taking good care of earth. Mothers would buy it for their children. Where did they make those shirts? They can't possibly all hand made, so where else? Factories. And where else in this world can you get good quality fabrics that come in low prices? Asia! The region where cheap child labour still exists. And we just follow the whole shit because we thought we were on the good side. And that's just about the t-shirt. What about those big banners? What about the human-chain ritual they do everytime in demos? Do you know sometimes those human chains were made from kids? This is degenarating and outreageous! Greenpeace trade humanity with earth. Shit!

Whoaa! I never knew that. How do you know all this stuff?
I just made it up. Hehehe.
But it makes perfect sense.
I know.

What about the underground movement?
What ABOUT it?
Don't you have anything to say?
Well, the scene is pretty boring. The same old stuffs. Gigs, pointless discussions about stupid things, misplaced concerns, zines. If there's one thing that evolves in the scene, then's it's gotta be the fashion. From baggy pants and chain wallets to dreadlocks to sexy. From nose pierce and Nike shoes to tight disco shirts and tattoos. All for the sake of being cool. Underground Malaysia is only visual. Kids are not wearing what they believe or want to express anymore. They are impressing their friends and wanna try what they saw in the net or lifetsyle magazine they found in Kinokuniya. Underground is like a fashion war. People dress to kill. But I don't mind much, though. People need to look good. It's just that they look so predictable.

What about the music? Is it evolving or is it at the same 'ol level?
Music in underground Malaysia? That's the silliest question I heard tonite. Even the mainstream is struggling, so what do you expect from a bunch of post SPM-ers? Still the same lame 3 chords sounds and meaningless lyrics. Now I know how hard it is to make your own unique music but that's your problem. Music SUPPOSED to be your passion, that's why you're in an underground band. You can't blame people if they call your songs stupid. You have to do something because your message is not getting through. And what's the point of shouting at a blank space? Expression is about being heard, not only being able to let it out. who's gonna listen, let alone understand if your songs are only 'syok sendiri'?

Why do you think this happen?
It's easy man. It's in the attitude itself. People put out a band not because they have something to say, to fight or to prove. Most of them just in it to be elligible to walk around carrying the guitar case with high-tech gadgets. Or to get the chicks. Then after a few gigs, most of the bands don't practice no more. Or after the third demo, we never ever hear about their story. What's up with the bands? Some of them start to be egoistic. Like their band is the greatest product out of underground. Fuck that attitude. Hahaha. I might not know much but shittt, I'm glad I do'nt know THAT much.

What about the zines? Are they any better?
Can I pass that question too? Are you hungry?
well, I DO and I could use a good set of roti paun and hot bubur kacang hijau. Along with teh tarik Tongkat Ali.

No you're not hungry!
Yes I am!
No you are not!
Yes I do!
Sheeshh. You are killing me. I don't think you are taking this thing seriously.
I don't like being serious. It takes out the fun in everything.
Do you have to think about having FUN all the time?
Well, I do think about sex and there's that other thing that I forgot.

continued lagi...(separuh mampos aku menaip)

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well, at least that asshole has some good points to say..luv the way he thinks!

siri bercakap dengan diri sendiri lg ke bro?hehe...nice!

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