Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lets play 'Opposite Wednesday'

From a serbanistas to the socialistas.

Salam to you. Yeah you. I didn't know you were talking about me earlier. But it's cute to have known that I have 2 entries from you. A great sport you are. I'm not a schizo, that's true. You're a schizo, no denying that. But there's alot of you around me lately and I think, I might as well capitalize on them.

No matter what you say about me, or your misinterpretation about who I AM, or what I do, I understand. Narcisist like you like to make your own assumptions about everything and indoctrinate it to your peers so that you will look cool. I respect that. But this method will expose your foolishness. Let me explain how.

You asked for my surat bukti schizophrenic? Is there, one? Do I have to pay some kind of fee to become a member? I know I'm not a schizo. But I have alot of friends who think they are and I'd like to know more about them. Maybe if we list the schizoids as OKU's, you'd get some bantuan to start your own band review magazine. We're always seeking ways to bridge the gap between normal and schizoids and we EAT this kinda article for sahur.
It's very sad to receive a hate letter, from someone you defend and admire. But it's OK. You're not the only schizoid in this world who writes. Next.

You are a dick-tator? Haha. Look at you. Almost daily you talked about freedom of speech but you yourself claimed to be a fucking dick-tator. Fak fak komen moderesyen? hahaha. And when your narcisism is exposed, you imposed it to others as if everybody is a self-absorbed, whiny, can't-get-laid, loser like you. This also proves that your mind has become jumud because you keep mingling with the same face/mindset for a prolonged period of time. It shows in your writtings where you keep repeating the same points in different entries in your blog.

Going into the serbanistas article, I am sorry if you feel that I'm a mufti to you. Although I didn't recall what I did to provoke you to start writing this entry, I still want to apologize if any of me or my brothers the serbanistas said or did to you that caused you troubles. We're not perfect, we know. And sometimes, like you, we also got tangled up in our emotions and use what ever we have to rebattle our opponents' points.

If you wanna talk about self-righteous people who impose their believe to others, you should've choosed the abang polis example. Cops are the best example of people who ask people to do what they themselves don't do. Like wearing the seatbelt. You shouldn't have used examples like Ustazah or serbanistas or things you don't know to justify the points you're trying to make. Leave religion out of it.

This article is written as a way to show you that we, the serbanistas apologize to you if what we said or do to you and your clan have caused uneasiness in your life (as you've said so in here). If you feel otherwise, then, that's a problem YOU have to deal with YOURSELF.

We were wrong about you. You were right. As always. There.

So, can we move along?


Ka-Ching said...

betul betul betul.

susah kalau org dah rase dia je betul n xboleh terima pendapat org lain.

kebenaran tu pahit. tapi tu la ubat yg mujarab utk perbaiki mn yg silap.

Unknown said...

ada gak yang pahit tu memang betulbetul takde guna selain pahit. Cam terjatuh masa tidor

Al said...

hmm..ak rs mcm sbuah sandiwara plak
mcm men trik tli pon ade
bile sini trik,sne tertolak
bile sane trik,sini plak ttolak
asal jgn smp tli ptus dek sme2 trik terlampau sudaaa
shigga org di blkg pon sme terjatuh

ptutnya msing2 trik msing2 bgerak ke depan
bia jmp titik persamaan antara 2 elemen
brulah dpanggil asimilasi

Unknown said...

asimilasi? cam sastrawan lak ko ni al

± said...

ini buah tangan aku untuk the other clan. this is not declaring a war of hatred. this is a war against misinterpretation!

Unknown said...

dark, jangan nakal-nakal

Ka-Ching said...

scuba ko tdo mengigau eh??? haha
mimpi puteri bunian nk feluk ko ke smpai jatuh katil?? hahaha

Unknown said...

akakla kacau..

akak ni suker larikan orang dari topik..macam bisneswomen betulla..

Ka-Ching said...

hahahahaha ok ok berenti mengacau

± said...

scuba,gamba kau pakai serban sambil goreng ibanez lagu hollier than thou takde ke? request dari peminat fanatik ni...

eszol raar said...

cool giler

Ka-Ching said...

sapekah peminat tu?? hahaha

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

yes!!!! Ada gak anonymous...Takkan bodoh jer?

Tu jer?

Kat blog orang lain, aku dengar kau cam bagus sangat...sampai setiap blog ada entry pasal kau

Aku taknak tau siapa kau.
Tapi aku berminat nak tau apa ymasalah kau.