Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bassist yang skizo

Hi. I'm Mamat. At least that's what they are calling me. They found me when I was minding my own business at a park one day. They said:
"Hei, man look. We want YOU as the bassist of our band!". 
So I said: "Yeah, man. OK"

I moved in to Abu's place back in 2000. We met each other at the Food Not Bombs programme happening during that time. Abu and Bobo have this band called akuskizo and I'm supposed to be the bassist of the band. I never knew how to play a guitar, let alone knowing what a bass guitar is. Abu taught me everything. And I think people like the way I'm playing the guitar. So I've been doin it ever since.

Then came that Roro dude. I don't like him. He's taking the limelight that I think should be Abu's. I also don't mind Bobo. But not Roro.

(Roro menelan air liur keringnya. Kami cuak. Apasal Mamat ni?)

"Why not"

Because I don't like him. Call me a prejudice but I don't like him. I'm OK with it so far only because Abu said so. Abu's friend is a friend of mine. Just don't leave me alone with that guy in a room.

"What'd you do?"

I dunno. Maybe strangle myself.

"Better chant Asyhaduanlaa eela ha illal lahh... before you do! Say it now!"




b said...

per knew list blog ee nee are thar laah char chart!

Unknown said...

cow lar ghee char chart!

b said...

hak hak :P