Friday, August 26, 2011

Spermbirds -Shit Job

Here's another video from them. By now, you should've known how to get the rest...

Shit Job Lyrics


I want a corporate position
With a retirement plan
I want to suck my bosses ass
So I can work a shit job 'till I die
I work hard all day
I can't think of a better way to live my life
All I want is some kids to rule and to beat my wife
Mercedes Benz and a secretary and golf with my boss
It's not pretty, but thats upper - class living costs

But I know I never change Gotta pay for that radar - range
And my personal airplane bill And all those diet pills

I got a shit job, a shit job, aw shit X4

All those bills to pay
9 to 5 for 40 years and then I'm free
If I work real hard so they don't fire me
Pull some strings and steal the job of my best friend
Though shit boy, but all good work comes to an end

And I know I'll never change Got a date on the drinking range
And work on the perfect tan Gonne be a respected man


Now I'm feared & hated in the world of high finance
People tremble in terror at the mere mention of my name
And when I get the key to the executive toilet
I'll look up and say "Thanks dad"

Now I'm here to stay
Work my way up that ladder of corporate slime
My dad says that someday this'll all be mine
Big money, so much it'll never all be spent
But I'll try, maybe next I'll buy a president


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