Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Selfish ME

What do you do when you are facing the darkness alone? Who do you turn to when you got no one? What can you say to the people around you about the state you're in without making them feel as if they have something to do in causing it?

When I was a kid, there was this jeram I go whenever i'm feeling low. There's this big rock where I would sit on it for hours and just talk about my issues. I just need to let it out. The talking process usually helped me in finding new ways of viewing my issues or popping up the solution itself.

As I grew older, I learned to keep my issues to myself. Learned to bottle it down, keeping it in a safe only to be opened when I'm under influenced to explore possible solutions. But my life is never easy. So many surprises and shits keep popping up that there were times when I feel empty when I didn't have any problems.

Nowadays the stress, the shits and the problems are getting more intensed. Plus the fact that I am still in the stage of recovering from a huge business failure, I get agitated easily when shits from work, financial, friends or family come knocking all at the same time, at the wrong time. And at times like this, I wish I could go back and sit on the big rock. But I don't even have a car to go to work, so I dont really share my shits much.

Then came twitter. Straight away I am hooked on it and I start expressing all the thoughts in my mind. I don't really care whether the readers understand or not as long as I get it out.

The end.


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kaAka said...

it's ok 2 feel down,stress..with all difficult things in our life will makes us more strong 2 face our life in future..just face it,work hard, remember the end,ur life will be shine as a big sun...