Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Head Rush

The rush creeps up from the chest straight to the face. Eyes movement become rapid, while the mind searches every corner of the neurons for hints.

Another hit would send the brain to a near orgasmic jolt that rushes to the feet. Feels like small electric flashes spreading from the belly outwards. The limbs feel numb by this time, forcing reflex shakings, making the mind prone to panic.

Some become addicted to such rush. Resulting in them always looking for new ways to trigger that rush. Some took up yamakasi. Some dirt jumps. Others get it by stealing, provoking anger, hate. Some get it after doing good thing. Each with their own way of getting the fix.

Observation on vietnam war veterans suggested that constant exposure to such 'rush' could affect and significantly alter a human's perception of the world. An expert in University of Indiana conducted failed experiments on a topic not related to this mentioned that he saw one of his nephews exploded firecrackers with house lizards strapped on it for kicks. So?

To conclude the article, I would strongly suggest each of us to hug each other at least once a day to relief the stress. When we hug, the negative and positive ions and static charges from our bodies will cancel each other, resulting in a neutral state. This way the neurons in our brains could function better in finding an excuse to give for hugging that stranger just now.

Moving forward, it is worth to note that ocassional exposure to such rush is good. Preferably, it is achieved in a controlled planned state where it is repeatable and dynamic to improvements.

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