Friday, January 21, 2011

Masanya dah tiba...

Wahai Kau!

Guy Fawkes has spoken
All around the world they have risen

Walls have fallen
What will you do?
Don't worry...There's one for everybody


Ka-Ching said...

v for Vendetta

una berry said...

H for Hellioz?
klaka jugak kdg2 blogger ni
apa2 jelah

± said...

why not? U for Una oso cannn
bkn klaka jugak, klaka nak mampos esp those who trolling without balls

nice msg scuba, btw. semoga bertambah kawan2 baru..lulz!

una berry said...

dark, mmg klaka
I responded and commented in that respective blog tapi mcm diperlekehkan pulak
ada je jawapan
so in the end everybody has their own right to judge kan
dorg ada perspective masing2 tp refused to listen to the others
n now felt threatened plak.
so apa2 je lah.

± said...

you're not alone,una. in fact i dengar that particular person baru nak masuk umur layak mengundi thn ni. mengundi pun blom. GGSM!

'perspective' taik unta digunakan sbg senjata. inilah dikatakan konsep kanak2 ribena. dorg ckp kita judgemental, but in the end sape yg judgemental?sape yg gila trafik siap troll blog berprofile tinggi lagi? this is the joke of the year!

*GGSM - gua gelak sampai mampos!

una berry said...
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Unknown said...

dark, be it dia budak-budak, orang tua atau oprang gila sekalipun, persepktif ialah perspektif.
Kita kena dengar dan cuba fahami.

Never underestimate others!

Al said...


± said...

bila aku tulis, ... that particular person baru nak masuk umur layak mengundi thn ni. mengundi pun blom, doesnt mean aku underestimate tahap IQ dia ke apa based on his age.

memberikan perspektif atau pandangan memang hak semua. so, tell me coz my IQ might be a bit low,is it ok utk mengutuk dgn niat menjatuhkan maruah org lain atas tiket perspektif?

i thought perspective could be in form of sarcasm, but when you start name calling and curse other people, the word perspective doesnt fit anymore

Perspective (cognitive) - one's "point of view", the choice of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences

Perspective (pharmacoeconomic)- the vantage point from which a pharmacoeconomics analysis is conducted

Point of view (literature)- the related experience of the narrator

Perspective (psychological)- or wisdom

source: wikipedia

Unknown said...

dark, what we need to understand is why is he talking in such a manner. Like we talked about elsewhere, guys like him uses hatred to gain traffic.

So knowing this, it is irrelevant what cuss words he's using. It;s just his style.

So stop wasting our time with him and use it with those who we think care...

like me...;p