Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy See And Why Twenty Eleven

Is it a sin? Is it OK for me to say such a wish? Is it forbidden for me to read about what the fengshui masters has to say about what the year of the rabbit has to offer? What's all the fuss about this horrorscope and zodiac thingy anyway?
In a nutshell, the chinese calendar represents the cycle of 'luck' in one's life. The cycle rotates every twelve years. Don't ask me why. So every twelve years, a person's luck is rotating according to the stage they are in.

The gregorian calendar represents the cycle of which the moon completes its orbit around the earth. One cycle is called a month. Throughout this cycle we can observe the sun's reflection on the moon from crescent to full circle to crescent again. Famous gregorian theories about astrological power over human fate is explored in the zodiacs. Leo, Sagittaurus, symbolizes each person's characteristics based on the position of the moon when they were born into this earth. This knowledge is actually individualistic by nature like the Tajul Muluk or the Rahsia Tarikh Lahir Anda.

Same goes for the Indian, Aztec, Eqyptian, or even the mat pancing owned pocket-sized tide-calendar. Kids can access useful informations about their well being and fate daily by subscribing to some hororscope and daily jokes sites via the internet. Next thing we know we are voting from the leisure of our living room.

In Islam also have our own calendar and timeline and it fits well in every major calendars that I've analyzed.

It starts with akil baligh.
Then marriage life. Becoming a parent.
Becoming a mukmin.
Then dead.
Then barzakh.
Then mahsyar.
Then the Hisab.
Then the London Bridge is falling down

I'm still in stage 2.

So, happy see and why, to everybody! When ever or what ever we are.


una berry said...

as for me I guess I have to separate the marriage life and becoming a parent kot. hehe

Unknown said...

separating marriage life and becoming a parent? Arent they of the same thing?

una berry said...

kena seperate la as for me
coz i can do that phase all over again
coz right now I'm only on the parenthood phase

Unknown said...

sorry to ask...dah separate ke?

~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...

oh, masih d tahap pertama. huu~

Unknown said...

banyak la tahap pertama, cik chirpy...

± said...

una's a MILF yaww.read her latest entry

aku takot tak sempat sampai level mukmin dah kiok awal2 kat level 1

Unknown said...

tak senonoh punya Dark. MILF pulak.

Kalau takot, kita kena accelerated learningkan lah level kita...ye tak?

Jom naik UFO...