Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my zine: schizophrenic

Here are the latest snaps of my zines: The Schizophrenic, issue #1 to 3.

The 1st issue is the introductory issue and talked about an exploration of being cool. It's suitable to be read by post spm'ers who is practically most of Malaysian.

The 2nd issue is pure articles. Lotsa chicks dig this issue back when I was active promoting these priceless works of art on the street.

The 3rd issue is a comic. That issue was the start of how this whole zine/writting shit began to be a little bit serious. Believe it or not, I finished drawing that comic in 4 hours! Yeah! Freak the hell outta ME too.

For those who happen to have an extra RM10 this Raya, you can helpabrutha out by donating it to me. Hehe.

In return, I will send a package of these 3 issues to you as the token of friendship. Hehe.
Read it and change a life today. You can donate and have it sent to a secret address as a surprise gift to a teenage chick you been trying to screw all year. Hahaha.
Anyway, my friend asked me to explain what's that small picture under the blog's header suppose to mean, so there you go. 

Haha. I'm stone. I'm outta here. Good bye, folks! ;p
text me. ;'-)

p/s: hehehe

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