Saturday, October 29, 2011

What the FUCK is Celakaparty?

What is celakaparty? Who is celakaparty? Why Celakaparty? WTF laa, celakaparty?
"I heard they got this nu-party in town"

If you read the twitter Timeline and you keep seeing the tag #bungamelati or #budakjembu or #Humanitarian being RT'ed and mentioned by alot of tweeps, would you go and check it out? Well, maybe if it concerns you or that special somebody you're trying to screw, yeah..eventually you'll check it out. But what happens when you see something like "Celakaparty" ? I bet the first question that'll pop in your mind is: WTF is Celakaparty? Then you'd probably Google it or search it within Twitter.

"We aint gays! Pfft!"
The word "celaka" used was purely accidental. I happen to stumble upon a guy named @JantanCelaka  one day, fell in love with his thoughts at the time and thought, what the heck? Both of us twote like machine guns and as if taking turns, we terrorized the timeline day and night. The synergy worked and voila, people starts calling us the celakas. Then there was that Bersih 2.0 issue back then and I was thinking of answering @NajibRazak's challenge by starting my own political party. I prefer to call it "Smoking Bastards" but since there are some REALLY nice hot chicks tagging along in the team, well...

So, does the member of the team IS celaka? Not all. Only a few. And the rest are like the check and balance to these few bastards. Oh well. There's only one bastard in there and that guy is ME. Yeah. I AM THE CELAKA PERSON BEHIND this name. Go and find yourself a shoulder to cry on.

The idea was simple: We're here to have fun and be stupid. We are arrogant, energetic, take no nonsense and challenge everything. For each verb from the previous sentence, there's a lengthy explanation to the 'why' and 'how' of it and I have sprinkled the explanation well within this blog. You can keep digging until you find what the fuck is it all about. Yes, there are loopholes in my sentences and statements and after knowing why the word celaka just now, you should by now start flickering your neurons before blasting me (or anybody) with your blasphemy. There are reasons behind it all. All you have to do is ASK. Don't make an ass out of yourself by assuming this and that.

The main agenda with this is to gather the most obnoxious and critical minds in it and try to make them work as a team. Just imagine what kinda team we're gonna have if it works. There's a simple rule to be a member: just put the tag in your Twitter account profile. For me, when somebody willingly obey to this rule, that means they have what it takes to be a leader and that is to become an obedient team member first. That is why since day one, everybody in the team is encouraged to revere the so called "President" of the party. Hahaha.

"Ai ada mesej yg ai nak sampaikan"
Celakaparty IS NOT a political party and NOT associated with any. It's neither a proxy nor a trojan horse. It's also not an NGO. It's just a bunch of like-minded tweeps, getting together and watching each other's back. The idea behind this is to train the team members with trust (people trying to divide us and make us go against each other) and encouraging them to be aggressive (when they know they're in a team, they got this strange confidence) in expressing their minds (unlike the lalang mentality trained in Malaysian schools). It's a something that exists ONLY when the people in it BELIEVE in it. It's not for the President. It's not for me. It's actually for YOU and the next generation. Try to relate the point of this paragraph while minding the explosion of social media and the ease of accessibility in Malaysia at this moment of time.

I can go on an explain about how it suppose to roll and what are the short term and medium term objectives but since some wise-ass got wise earlier and sapu everything with THEIR interpretation of what this team is all about, even me as the so called co-founder of this shit has to respect the team's decision and forget about my silly plans and play along with it. I don't mind and THAT is what CelakaParty is all about.

..oh well...hahaha....

So, WTF are you waiting for? 

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